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Give your hands and nails a vibrant look with our artificial nail enhancement services. From acrylic nails and nail art to glitter additives, our spa offers exceptional artificial nail enhancement services. Call us at 561-373-0355 to book an appointment with us.

Artificial nail services that will make your nails look stunning

Artificial nail services tailored to meet your needs

At Tips N Toes Nails & Spa, our nail technicians will first understand what your nail requirements are and then perform acrylic or other nail services just the way you want them. Our salon has been serving the area of North Palm Beach, FL for over 16 years. Schedule your appointment today.

Get Stylish Acrylic Nails to Complement Your Look

Are your nails chipped or looking dull? Visit our salon and get a gel manicure and pedicure combo for $50.

Schedule your appointment with us for artificial nail enhancement services.

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Acrylic nails- Nail tips are applied to extend the length of your nails with an acrylic overlay.


Regular full set $30 and up

Fill-ins $20 and up


Pink and white acrylic-  Pink and white colored acrylic is used to form a permanent french manicure


Full set $55 and up

Pink and white refill $35 and up

Pink fill $25 and up


Uv gel- Uv gel is applied to the natural nail bed or over tips to extend your nails. Then is cured in a Uv lamp to form a natural looking longer nail.


Full set $40 and up

Fill in $25 and up

Pink and white $55 and up

Pink and white fill in $35 and up

Pink fill $25 and up


Gel polish manicure- the basic manicure with your choice of gel color polished to perfection




*NexGen Nails (Dip Powder)                                


Manicure $37  and up

Pedicure Combo $59 and up